Meet the CVAP team


Caleb Luther is the Program Manager for CVAP and the Hope Project. Prior to joining the advocacy team at ESS, he was involved in efforts to end and prevent homelessness in Cowlitz County. A passion for social justice has taken him to many foreign countries where he helped with relief efforts for those living in abject poverty. His life mission is “to give a voice to those who have been silenced”.

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Stephanie Elbert is currently a Crime Victim Advocate for the Crime Victims Advocacy program with the Emergency Support Shelter. She has worked in all three programs of the Emergency Support Shelter for over 14 years as a Children’s Advocate, Domestic Violence Advocate and a Sexual Assault Advocate. She brings with her a background in Domestic Violence and other crimes. Stephanie has attended LCC in the field of Criminal Law and plans on furthering her degree. One of her first accomplishments was writing  and receiving a grant from the Target Foundations to provide  funding to create a curriculum in violence prevention for local schools, law enforcement and other agencies. One of Stephanie’s greatest passions is providing education and prevention to the community on Domestic Violence by sharing her personal story on surviving domestic violence. Stephanie is best known for her smile and the wiliness to find hope in all situations and to bring forth a healthier and safer community that she lives in.


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“It is my privilege to work with crime victims in Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties. I am proud to be a part of the Emergency Support Shelter that meets challenges in our community with compassion and courage.”

Sara Hedger recently moved to Cowlitz County from Upstate, NY. She earned her undergraduate degree from SUNY Empire State College and is completing her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Her passions include using art to mend, and she has taught several poetry workshops on healing. She is a published poet and short story writer.

Professionally, she has a history of working with inner-city families, people with developmental disorders and mental health needs, and people in recovery from addictions. Sara enjoys working with people from of all backgrounds, faiths, and orientations. 


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Shira Lile is a Crime Victim Advocate at the Emergency Support Shelter. Shira has worked in the Cowlitz County community for more than three years. She started her career as Social Services reporter for The Daily News after graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She soon realized her greater passion in life was not only being able to tell people’s stories, but to help bring them hope directly. That is when Shira transitioned into being a full time Crime Victim Advocate providing free and confidential support to all victims of crime. Shira is passionate about educating our community about victims of crime, different crime types, domestic violence and awareness. Shira loves being an advocate. She loves having the honor of giving people a voice and helping them find the light during what is sometimes a very dark time. Shira is known for her positive attitude, willingness to help anyone and willingness to always think outside the box.